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Passing it forward: democratising access into the art world for the next generation.

The art industry is notoriously biassed, repeatedly platforming the same narrow selection of voices and offering a very limited number of opportunities for people from other backgrounds.

In response, Futurimpose presents CITY FLOWERS, a new ‘pass-it-forward’ initiative, connecting established artists with up-and-coming artists from non-traditional backgrounds to democratise access into the art world.

To kick off, we delivered an evening of unique experimental collaboration at Camden Art Centre, uniting the varied disciplines of musical artists Joviale, Laura Groves, Fabiana Palladino and Camelia in a bespoke group performance alongside a set from Lord Tusk and James Messiah.

Gallery gardens in our cities are widely underutilised spaces but this untapped outdoor space provides the perfect opportunity to build community organically in an inspiring and comfortable context. Camden Art Centre’s garden, therefore, offered the perfect venue for our first activation.

The event represented a contemporary, exciting and unexpected re-appropriation of space, validated by the overwhelming reception, with the evening completely selling out even after capacity had been increased multiple times.

Championing a diverse array of voices is a key pillar of City Flowers, not just with talent but with our audience too, so for our visual identity we created interactive branding that encouraged their input.

Our posters and other ephemera prompted people to question the role of the artist in society and why it was so important to have proper representation in this field. Responses were then integrated into our communications and helped to steer the sentiment of the initiative in a form of mass collaboration.

Friday Jan 5 2024
Tuesday Nov 28 2023