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We believe that everyone’s connection to Nature is different, and that’s the beauty of it. No rights, no wrongs, it is more than birds, trees and lakes, it can be anything: an idea, a feeling, a system, a mindset, a product, a movement.

In the conservation space, the same conversations are being had by the same old people. It’s all doom and gloom and what started as climate anxiety has turned into climate fatigue. We need something new, something positive, exciting and inspirational to breathe new life into the topic.

Our anthem film is a call out to the world to change everything we know about nature. It is definitely not what you’d expect from a “nature” film and that’s the point. We want it to surprise people and make them question why they have such a fixed idea of what nature means - when in reality, it can be anything.

Creative Direction: Ollie Olanipekun
Creative: Hugo Taylor
Creative Consultant: Geo Stuart
Design Direction: George Smith
Editor: LAUZZA
Music: Big Animal Theory - Frankie [SLOWED], Yuragi - Unreachable (Big Animal Theory Remix) [SLOWED]

Friday Jan 5 2024
Tuesday Nov 28 2023