An Exploration of Our Shared Space


OpenAREA supported by ASICS


OpenAREA is a new possibility for culture in the outdoors, celebrating shared spaces that use creativity to reframe nature.

This time, we brought together OpenAREA film screening, group show and community celebration as part of our mission to drive more care for the natural world than ever before by using art and creativity to change how society sees nature as a whole.

Artists: Nick Goulden, Giacomo Layet, Mia Ghabarou, Gabriela Pelczarska, Max King, Henny Valentino

Nature, as we understand it, is an intangible concept filled with abstract ideas. By embodying these in physical form, artists let viewers engage with even the most complex ideas on a visceral level, bypassing the limitations of language and avoiding biassed intellectual analysis.

For our launch event, we curated the group show with Henny Valentino to help the audience see nature through fresh eyes and tap into their imagination to come away with their own ideas.

With physical artwork, the viewer can explore for themselves and have their own perspective - that’s what OpenAREA is all about.

Wrap Video: Samuel Wilson
Outro: AVVA Studio
Music: Big Animal Theory - Frankie
Location: Woodseer St Gallery

Friday Jan 5 2024
Tuesday Nov 28 2023